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До 1-го November действует суперакция - приведи друга и получи 20% от цены его почки!

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39747 Abhishek verma

i want to sell my Kidney.... so how can i?? ans me now......

43082 Hello.......... i just want to sell my one kidney.

35012 if I sell my Kidney does that mean that I pay my own medical expenses? i

46987 i want sell my kidney for money .........bcoz i have some financial problem ........what should i do for that???????

62215 am Khabibullaev O dilbek and my friend Mirzaev Alisher wants to sell his bud and we wont to get information selling the bud . How much does bud costs , how can he sell his bud

37816 how much for one kidney???????

83507 I will become the donor of a kidney

42000 need a kidney,,im selling ,,,

47089 i need to many its urgent so i sold my kidney ...... are u help me......??


36250 Hi, How much do you offer me, ex. tax for a healty kidney? Thanks.

78492 Urgently selling a kidney. Healthy. Contact by email *

81299 24 healthy do not smoke do not drink with blood type A + Russian-born Israeli interested in selling a kidney in $ *,*

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